Innetec has designed and developed an enterprise-class software suite for a complete Monitoring and Telemetry solution for the performance of printing plant.

Our instruments measure, with no limits on the number of controls, the volume of pages printed and scanned, they control the direct and indirect costs and report to managers the efficiency of the printing plant and the effectiveness of real-time support service.

The solution enforced by Zabbix will meet those needs:

  • Verifying the printer’s status: if it is ready to print, if there is any malfunctioning, if the toner is about to finish, if the maintenance service has to be replaced or if there is a piece of paper that obstructs the printer;
  • Monitoring new generation and older network printers;
  • In case of alarm, it activates the help desk for problem’s solutions.
  • Simplifying the invoicing for the administrative as far as the copy cost on the customer is concerned;
  • Transmit added and more detailed information about the functioning and the efficiency of the printers (n° of scans, n° of fax, n° of front and reverse and formats);
  • Simplifying the usage’s control of the prints on all customer’s devices